June 21, 2024

Learn all about the Paroli betting strategy in roulette

3 min read

Roulette fans tend to spend a lot of time looking for systems to help them win. Along with the likes of Martingale and Fibonacci, we find the popular Paroli strategy. How does it work and what do you need to know about it?

The background

It isn’t clear when exactly the Paroli system was created, although some sources suggest that the inventor of roulette, Blaise Pascal, may have also come up with this approach. Even if this wasn’t the case, it is still a very old betting system that has been used for centuries.

This is a progressive system, which means that you increase your stake after a win. However, there are some important differences between Paroli and other progressive systems like Martingale that we will look at in a moment.

The starting point here is with which types of bets it works. Paroli is designed to work with even-money wagers. In terms of roulette, this means that you can use it on red/black, high/low, or even/odd. It works equally well with any of them, so you just need to choose any of these bets and stick with it.

How to play with Paroli

Choose your initial stake level first of all. Getting this right is very important, as you will be coming back to this level of stake various times as you play. You then need to choose one of those even-money bets we just looked at.

If you win on a spin of the wheel, you double your stake for the next game. Do this three times if you get three consecutive wins and then go back to the starting stake regardless of what happens on the next bet.

This is where it differs from other progressive betting systems that see your wager keep on rising for bet after bet. Paroli puts a limit on how high your stake can rise, so you are never at risk of losing a lot of your own cash.

If you lose on a spin, the stake goes back to the original amount. It works on any of the roulette variants that you will find on a good NJ Online Casino like Resorts, such as American, European, and Classic versions of the game.

Who does it suit?

This is regarded as one of the safest betting systems for roulette players. It doesn’t guarantee you that you will win money, but it does ensure that you never put too much of your own money on the line at any given time.

It is a simple approach for anyone who maybe doesn’t have a lot of experience playing roulette and wants to feel in control of their funds. The Paroli approach also suits someone who has limited funds that they would like to stretch out for as long as possible.


The Paroli betting system is a smart way of playing that virtually removes the risk of big losses. You are more likely to break even or rack up fairly small but consistent wins. If you are new to roulette and want to get started without any fuss, then this is a great choice.