July 17, 2024

10 things you must know before betting on soccer

3 min read

The soccer or football as is the stakes, passionate fans, and unpredictability make soccer betting incredibly exciting. However, there are some key factors you need to know before you start placing wagers.

Understand the betting odds

The first thing you must to read the betting odds. Bookmakers present the odds in different formats, including decimal, fractional, and American. Once you interpret the odds, your potential payout will be for a winning bet. Generally, shorter odds indicate a more likely outcome, while longer odds indicate an unlikely outcome with a higher payout.

Research teams, players, and coaches

To bet smart on soccer, you need to research teams, players, coaches, and more. Gather as much background information as possible before deciding who to bet on. Look at teams’ recent results, head-to-head records, any missing star players, new signings, team morale, and more. These all factor into a team’s performance.

Different bet types

There are many ways to bet on soccer beyond just picking a winner. Common bet types include spreads, over/under, parlays, prop bets, and more. Know what each bet means before using it. For example, a spread bet looks at the margin of victory, while an over/under bet is on the total goals scored.

Manage your bankroll

Set aside a soccer spbo betting bankroll and manage it properly to stay solvent. Experts recommend not betting more than 1-2% of your bankroll on a single wager. If you’re losing frequently, reduce your bet size. Betting more after losses is a sure-fire way to lose your entire bankroll.

Shop for the best lines

The betting lines and odds vary significantly between sportsbooks. So it pays to have accounts with multiple books to shop for the best lines. A half-point difference in a spread or odds line makes a big impact on your payout.

Study situational trends

The teams consistently perform better or worse in certain situations. Study trends like how teams fare after international breaks, when playing their cross-town rivals, after Champions League matches, when scoring first vs conceding first, and more. These trends provide valuable betting insights.

Know when to avoid big favorites

While heavy favorites seem like easy bets, they often don’t cover large spreads. It’s wise to avoid exceedingly large favorites and spreads. For example, backing a -2000 favorite to just win doesn’t offer much value unless part of a parlay.

Focus on one league

When first starting, stick to major leagues you know well like the Premier League, Bundesliga or Serie A. Betting obscure foreign leagues you don’t follow is pure gambling. Once you gain experience, you expand your betting portfolio.

Use betting platforms wisely

Online tools help soccer bettors make smarter wagers. Stats sites provide team and player data. Bet tracking apps analyze your betting patterns. Use resources like these to gain an edge. Just don’t become over-reliant on them.

Gamble responsibly

Gambling should be fun, not financially devastating. Never chase losses by spending more than you afford. Set a budget and stick to it. Soccer betting is unlikely to make you rich overnight, despite the long odds payouts. Play smart and enjoy the games.